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Accident not your fault?

East Grinstead Crash Repairs provides professional vehicle repairs

Have you had a vehicle accident that was not your fault?

Many people choose to try and settle without going through their insurance fearful it will cost more in the long term – however even accidents in car parks at less than 5mph can cause damage below the cosmetic exterior which knocks other panels out of alignment.

Ultimately you can choose to have the third party pay for repairs, but these costs can escalate once panels are removed and damage to brackets and other sections are discovered and at that point, you may be paying more than your excess. Have the vehicle repaired properly and enjoy the benefits of a free courtesy vehicle from an accident management company that will ensure any damage to the vehicle, you and your personal belongings are adequately reimbursed. Best of all, you won’t have to do a thing!

Hassle free service

You don’t need the stress and your time is valuable. Together with our accident management partners we will manage your claim – from the third party to the insurer and witnesses. A designated claim team will be available so that you are at ease during the entire process.

No excess to pay

That’s right…. Any excess is written off, saving you hundreds of pounds.

Free courtesy car

In almost all cases you’ll be provided a similar replacement vehicle, so if you have an MPV for your large family that’s exactly what you’ll get.

Personal injury and uninsured personal belongings

Our accident management partners will claim for any uninsured items such as personal belongings as well as personal injury claims, loss of earnings and out of pocket expenses. Why should you be out of pocket for something that wasn’t your fault?

Please contact us for initial advice and a no-obligation competitive estimate.